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How To Setup An Account With Webhost Manager

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Please be kind enought to send me a link or file with instructions abou t how to use Webhost control panel in order to open account for my client

my regards

hello, first you need to create a package. You can find the add a new package link under the Packages button in your Webhost Manager. Then you need to assign how much space, bandwidth, ftp, e-mail accounts, etc for that package, as well as give that package a name, like personal, business, corporate etc. Then select the create button. Do this for how ever many packages that you would like to have. Then once you are done creating the packages, then all you need to do is create the accounts. You can Create a New Account by going to the Accounts function portion of you webhost manager. Then you just need to input a domain, username (can be a maximum of 8 characters long) and password and select the package that you want for the account.

Now that all you packages are created whenever you need to setup an account, just go to the create a new account link and setup the account.

That is all there is to it.

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